Associates in Professional Counseling and Coaching (APC) is a broad-based, professional services practice. We offer clinical counseling for individuals, couples, and families, including adults, adolescents and children. Our 16 therapists, trainers and facilitators are highly skilled, most with over fifteen years of experience. We serve our clients in our four offices: Palos Heights, Naperville, Plainfield and Downtown Chicago.

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APC is known for effective integration of insights, values and solid cognitive behavioral methods to give our patients excellent care. Counseling issues include: Marriage & Family issues, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction (Drugs & Alcohol), Eating Disorders, Sexual Addiction, ADHD, Anger Management and Professional Development. All services incorporate faith-based counseling.

Our team of counselors includes those with specialized training in crisis intervention, grief and loss, nursing, marriage and family issues, addictions, adolescent problems, sexual dysfunction, and corporate coaching.

All counselors are considered to be caring and discreet by patients and fellow medical professionals. Most of our new patients are referred to us by past and current clients, medical personnel, and clergy.


Other Counseling Services: