Clinical Counseling (Adults, Adolescents, Children)

People come to counseling for many reasons such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Others come to counseling for assistance in finding balance in life or to enrich relationships. Part of counseling is sorting out what might be obstacles to enjoying a richer, fuller life. Our highly trained counselors assist clients in a warm and confidential manner. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your concerns and get a feel for our style at (888) 545-5707.

Christian-Based Services

Our skilled staff can provide counseling, seminars, and therapy groups that effectively integrate sound spiritual values and insights with professional clinical practice. Associates in Professional Counseling uses a variety of treatment modalities that are unified by a holistic health model that seeks balance in physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of individuals. Special programs are offered at Linden Oaks/Edward Hospital in Naperville.

Marriage and Families

Effective marriage counseling that focuses on developing new communication techniques, coping skills, and reaching therapeutic goals to maintain marital and family balance has been a key result area for Associates in Professional Counseling. Individuals can learn of their roles within the family structure or marital relationship, how they contribute to issues within these relationships, and focus on how they can resolve conflicts and work constructively with each other.

Therapy Groups

Special therapy groups led by our professional counselors are another treatment found at Associates in Professional Counseling. Within the framework of our programs, group therapy is an invaluable tool for clients who can benefit from interaction with others who have similar concerns, often helping each other to reach their therapeutic goals faster.

Education and Training

Educational presentations and training are offered for individuals and business/professional organizations to enhance effectiveness and encourage balanced living. These seminars are based on research and experience. Topics include Stress Management, Improving Effectiveness, Mentoring, and Coping Strategies for the Professional Spouse.

Professional Issues

Physicians, CEOs, attorneys, business leaders, and other counselors find our staff knowledgeable and effective in dealing with issues unique to the fast-paced and often stressful lifestyles of business professionals and their families. We understand the demands of long hours, high pressure and extended travel.

Referral and Physician Consultation

Our counselors consider the mental and physical condition of every individual to ensure a thorough plan for treatment. Though we do not prescribe medication, we have developed a strong network of resources for medical evaluation with local psychiatrists, physicians and family practice physicians with alternative medicine training. These work closely with our professional counselors and clientele to ensure the best mental-physical treatment possible.


Our senior staff provides various consulting services to businesses. Consulting services address areas including conflict management, behavioral change, team building, and time management. Consulting services are often coordinated with executive coaching for maximum benefit.