What is Mediation?

Mediation is a legal proceeding where a neutral third party helps two other parties facilitate an agreement. A mediator is legally required to take no side and a major advantage is that it requires no judge to impose a court order.

Our mediators genuinely seek the best results for both parties. Our passion for cooperation helps preserve the mental and emotional well-being of all involved.

Common Mediation Topics


Parenting Matters Allocation of Parenting Responsibility
Parenting Time Travel
Relocation Holidays and Vacations
Education Extracurricular Activities
Healthcare Religion


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Why Mediation?

Unlike the often adversarial conversations between divorcing parents, Mediation creates a cooperative atmosphere resulting in a better, more civil co-parenting relationship.

Mediators do not pass judgment or make a decision in any way. Their purpose is to help both sides come to an agreement that is best for everyone.

At its core, mediation is constructive and cooperative. It is about building something better in the future. It empowers two reasonable parties to reach an agreement that provides strong, mutually-beneficial solutions.

Expected results of Mediation:

Testimonial: I am divorced, and one of the things I am tremendously grateful for is that my ex-husband and I made a decision to go through mediation. I knew a trial would drag on for years, would cost me everything, but worse, would be devastating for our four small children. Jane Green