What is Reunification?

Reunification can be a powerful tool in healing the wounds of the past and forming new, healthy relationships for the future.

Reunification is an effective way of gradually and safely reintroducing the parent/ child relationship with the goal of establishing a healthy and loving relationship. It is important to remember that the primary goal remains the same: to create the healthiest relationship possible between the child and the parents. 

How Reunification Works

The process begins with a thorough review of the family history to ensure that the clinician can better create a safe and unique treatment plan for the family. 

Next, the clinician will meet individually with each parent and with the child(ren) to gather specific information from each person involved. 

Then, a customized strategy must be developed as this process is entirely dependent on the dynamics of the individuals involved. There is not one way to provide this therapy. 

Lastly, your clinician, who is court-appointed, provides status updates to all of the attorneys with detailed reports and recommendations. 

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