We offer clinical counseling for adults, adolescents and children in Naperville, Palos Heights, Plainfield and Chicago.
Reach your potential with our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services in Naperville, Palos Heights and Chicago.
We offer anger education, clinical anger counseling, mandated anger programs and executive anger counseling.
We offer DUI service to meet Secretary of State and Court requirement. Included are: Evaluations, Risk Education, Counseling and Aftercare.

Counseling Services

APC is known for effective integration of insights, values and solid cognitive behavioral methods to give our patients excellent care. Counseling issues include: Depression, Anxiety, Marriage & Family issues, Anger Management, Addictions: Drugs & Alcohol, Sexual Dysfunction & Eating Disorders, Professional Development, Career Development, Faith-based counseling & ADHD. Although we do not… [For More Information…]

DUI Classes

DUI Classes
Associates in Professional Counseling and Coaching (APC) provides all necessary services required by Illinois courts and/or the Secretary of State for individuals arrested for a DUI. These services include:

  • Evaluations for Court and Secretary of State.
  • Treatment & Intervention services for each of the risk categories: Minimal, Moderate, Significant and High. [For More Information...] 

APC Overview Video

Dr. Charles Polcaster, Clinical Director of Associates in Professional Counseling and Coaching, invites you to view a brief introduction and video overview of our practice and office locations.


Anger Management

Anger Management
Anger Management is a basic emotion that is not right or wrong.  It is usually what we do with the anger that gets us into difficulty. Anger can motivate us to achieve greater heights or defend our rights. When the anger emotion is too powerful, or out of control however, it can undermine families and destroy relationships.  Anger can derail careers and seriously impact the work environment. [For More Information…]


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Video Feature

NCTV17's Business Connection discussion with Dr. Charles Polcaster, CEO of Associates in Professional in Counseling and Coaching.

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APC's very own, Sara Gibson joined Good Parenting Radio to discuss My Worry Box, a simple little suggestion box to help you stay in tune with your child’s emotions.

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